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Nerf Magstrike AS-10 Qty: 10   |   $15.95
  • Nerf N-Strike Magstrike AS-10
  • The Nerf Magstrike is a ten round automatic Dart Blaster which is different from most other modern Dart Blasters, in that rather than using a spring plunger mechanism like the Nite Finder or Raider, you have to prime the blaster by pumping the handle to shoot.


    Previously, priming a Blaster was a pain because it slowed down the rate of fire, but thanks to the Mag-strike’s clip system, you can just swap out a preloaded clip instead of having to reload rounds one at a time.


    A clip holds 10 darts and can be unloaded in about 1.5 seconds, which is really impressive to behold and makes the priming totally worthwhile.

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